This archive has 71,264 sound files from 21 sites in 10 collections.

The Australian SuperSite Network (SuperSites) is a Facility of Australia's Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN). Each SuperSite is a long-term environmental monitoring and research site, established in significant biomes across Australia, to collect a wide range of data to develop a better understanding of ecosystem function. An extensive suite of measures is carried out at each SuperSite using both classical field methods and sensor systems to provide consistent data sets describing flora, fauna and biophysical processes. Open access to data is available to researchers, educators, natural resource managers and the public through dedicated data portals for field data including this site for the acoustic data.

Acoustic sensors provide an effective means for monitoring biodiversity at large spatial and temporal scales. Over time this BioAcoustics data portal will be developed to offer a suite of tools to perform analysis and reporting on these data. Currently you can listen to and download acoustic recordings by using the clickable map above and view the spectrogram for each recording.